Our Sustainable Practice Commitment...

As a company founded on the principles of sustainable development, we are committed to policies like those listed below which aim to help us to meet the “triple bottom line” by integrating profit, planet and people:

  1. Profit
    1. Fair and competitive pricing.
    2. Donation of a percentage of revenue to good causes, including 1% for the Planet*
    3. Long-term financial stability and resilience.
  2. Planet
    1. 100% of our electrical energy consumption offset with Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).*
    2. Use of recycled, re-purposed, re-usable & local materials wherever possible.*
    3. Commitment to available green technology, eg hybrid vehicles.*
    4. Paperless practices where possible, and 100% recycled, bamboo or sugarcane paper products where paper-based deliverables are required.*
    5. Commitment to supporting green building initiatives such as LEED® certified and Low-Impact Development (LID) projects.**
  3. People
    1. Reduced-fee projects for clients with financial hardship.
    2. Pro-bono or reduced-fee work for NGOs and other good causes.
    3. Commitment to partnerships with other green companies and with local businesses/suppliers.*
    4. Focus on projects which serve the most vulnerable in our community.**

* See Sustainability FAQ & Links page for details.

** See Projects page for details.


Our Client Commitment...

Our clients provide the foundation of our business, and we constantly strive to make your experience with us one which exceeds your highest expectations by:

  1. Offering high quality, reliable land surveying services in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  2. Providing unmatched client care via dedicated one-on-one support and technical guidance.
  3. Supplying the land development connections to help our clients achieve their project goals.
  4. Maintaining a focus on policies which foster environmental stewardship, positive social change and community integration.