Development Surveys...

    • Special Permit Plat (VA projects only) - Required by counties such as Arlington and Fairfax in order to 1) build in an area of the property not typically allowed by zoning regulations, or 2) use the property for a special purpose such as child daycare.
    • Topographic (Existing Conditions) Survey - Detailed surveys which outline the location and relative elevations of existing buildings, improvements, utilities and vegetation. these surveys usually form the basis of a grading plan or site plan design by a civil engineer for major site renovations or re-development.
    • Building Permit Plat (VA projects only) - These plats are utilized to obtain building permits prior to construction on smaller projects where no grading plan is required. SLS will first perform a house location survey to determine the existing improvements on the property, and can then utilize plans supplied by an architect or contractor to verify that proposed construction meets applicable regulations.
    • D.C. Building Plat (DC projects only) - As with other building permit plats, these surveys show the location of both existing and proposed improvements, together with additional items required by DCRA.

Boundary Surveys...

    • Boundary Line Staking* - Boundary lines are usually staked when disputes over the location of boundary lines arise, or when boundary-related items such as fences need to be built. No plat is produced with this type of survey.
    • Boundary Survey* - A formal boundary survey plat must be prepared when 1) a legally-acceptable survey is required as evidence of a property line location in a boundary dispute court case. 2) a plat is required for a property which exceeds 2 acres in size. 3) a change in the location of boundary lines such as a subdivision or lot line adjustment is proposed.
    • Subdivision/Lot Line Adjustment Plat - Subdivisions are the legal means by which new parcels of land are created, while lot line adjustments alter the size or shape of existing parcels without creating additional lots. Both processes require approval by Zoning and/or Environmental Services in most locations.
    • Condominium Plat - Condominium survey plats and plans are recorded together with a declaration in order to create new condominium development. These documents show both the location and size/height of the new condo units to be rented or sold.

Property Transfer Surveys...

  • House Location Survey (HLS) - The most common type of survey requested, House Location Surveys accurately locate current buildings and improvements in relation to property boundary lines. HLS plats may be used for mortgage settlement, or to obtain permits for new building additions, decks or fences
  •  ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys* - ALTA Surveys are utilized for the transfer of higher value assets such as commercial properties and analyze in detail potential title restrictions such as encroachments and easements.

Construction Surveys...

  • Wall Check Survey* -  Wall Check Surveys are required by most jurisdictions to verify the accurate placement of building foundation walls prior to framing.
  • Setback Certification (VA Projects only)- Required by Fairfax County in lieu of a Wall Check Survey in order to grant occupancy on a new building or addition. These plats must show both the location of the building and the height/location of roof eaves to ensure compliance with Zoning regulations.
  • Building Height Certification (VA Projects only) - Building Heights must be verified when the proposed height is close to the maximum allowed by Zoning code.
  • Final House Location Survey (VA projects only) - Plats required by most counties to verify Zoning compliance for single-lot projects. These surveys show the as-built location of all new improvements and may also be used for subsequent sale of the property.
  • SWM As-Built Surveys - As-built plans are prepared for major projects such as site plans, and verify both new building locations/elevations and those of site improvements and utilities.

Other Surveys...

  • FEMA Elevation Certificate - Elevation Certificates compare the elevation of the lowest level of a building with the 100-year base flood elevation (BFE) as defined by FEMA. A building elevation which is higher than the BFE may reduce the amount of flood insurance required for the property.
  • eLOMA - An eLOMA is a more complex survey which aims to re-survey the 100-year floodplain location and may remove a building or entire property from the floodzone.
  • GPS Control Survey - SLS is able to provide GPS-derived coordinates for most locations, which are typically used to place projects onto horizontal or vertical datums required by jurisdictions for plan submission.

Service Areas...

We are proud to serve the following locations: District of Columbia, City of Alexandria, Arlington County, Fairfax County, City of Fairfax, City of Falls Church & Town of Vienna.

If your project lies outside of these areas, SLS will be happy to provide a referral to another survey professional...